The outlet industry is an emerging and one of the most energetic business formats in China’s retail sector. Retail outlets have seen exponential growth as consumers increasingly pay attention to value. The forum focused on topics about how to combine operations of retail formats, how to secure the supply chain, and how to show value to consumers. Additionally, a white paper on China’s outlet industry was issued during the forum.

2021 Speakers

Speaker Lineup

Ruilun Zhang, President, Outlets Industry Development Committee

Zhihui Ye, VP, OUTLETS China

Guanghua Zhou, VP, Coach Shanghai Limited

Rano J.Savc, Marketing Director, Join.In Hospitality Management Co., Ltd.

Xiong Feng, VP, Hong Kong Causeway Bay Group

Xiaojing Cai, Head of OUTLETS Business Dept., Shanghai Bailian Group Co., Ltd.

Jichun Liu, CAO of New Retail & Pan-Retail Industry, Alibaba Cloud

Yanfang Zhang, Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences / Dean, Chinses Academy of Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests

Jun Fan, Chairperson, CCAGM

Yanchun Yan, Partner, Shengjing 360 / Chairman, Hill United Health / Author, The Third Retail Revolution

Li Zhang, Marketing Professor, The National School of Development at Peking University

Yu Qiao, Senior Expert in Outlet

Xian Zeng, Executive President, Outlet Industry Development Committee

… …