25 – 27 August 2022

Nanjing International Expo Center (NIEC)



Retail, Catering, Service, Education

IFE Shanghai

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Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Space Planning, Interior Design, Shop Design, Lighting Design, Window Design, Retail Display Design, Landscape Design, Restaurant Design

Retail Display Props

Commercial Displays, Wayfinding Equipment & Robots, In-store Displays, Commercial Art Display, Restaurant Furniture & Equipment, Artificial Plants & Landscape Decors, Display Racks, Retail Kiosks, Point of Purchase Displays, Decoration Materials

Visual Merchandising

Retail Store Layout, Décor & Visual Merchandising, POP Marketing, Mannequins, Store Décor, Window Displays & Display Props


Directional Signs, Multi-Tenant Signs, Signboards & Safety Signs, Pillar Signs, LED Signages, Display Systems

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting Design, Smart Lighting Control Systems, Commercial Lighting Solutions, Decorative Lights, Lighting Design

Smart Retail

Retail Software, Retail Technologies, Payment Systems & Technologies, Mobile Solutions, E-commerce, Retail Security Systems, Other Business Equipment

Digital Business

Information Management Systems (IMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Cloud Platforms, Smart Supervision Systems, Visual Marketing Facilities & Technologies, Interactive Media, Audio and Video Technologies

Vending & Self-service

Vending Machines, Self-service Equipment, In-store Solutions, Vending Machine Parts & Technologies


Workplace Design, Office Furniture, Smart Conference Tablets, Smart Conference Room Central Control Systems, Cloud & Mobile Printing, Video Conferencing & Multimedia Systems, Meeting Room Booking Systems, Intelligent Height-adjustable Desks, Co-working Space Services

Smart Parking

Smart Parking Systems, Parking Lot Security Facilities, EV Charging Stations, Smart Parking Software, Parking Lot Management & Operation Services, Mechanical Parking Systems, Parking Robots, Parking Lot Floor Construction & Maintenance