2023 Shop Plus Shenzhen ended perfectly!

Next trip, See you in Shanghai in March~

Live up to expectations, fortunate to be trusted!

Today, Hotel & Shop Plus Shenzhen came to a successful ending!!

As the debut of Sinoexpo Shenzhen, 2023 Hotel & Shop Plus Shenzhen is a very important milestone for Shop Plus and the future of commercial space. In 3 days, the exhibition with an exhibition scale of 200,000 square meters, 2000+ global high-quality exhibitors, many high-quality exhibitors debuted, and a number of activities held at the same time, which made countless visitors to the meeting call wonderful!

In addition to negotiating business and winning orders, the broader significance of this exhibition is: to see the recovery of the industry, to strengthen confidence, to see the power of upward growth, to envy and form a network, to see the power of innovation and change, to anchor development, to see the power of learning from things, and to gain insight into the future. Let’s review the grand occasion of this exhibition again!

Look at the product to see the trend

The exhibit covers commercial space, scene design, smart retail, retail technology, brand franchise, hotel engineering, hotel catering, coffee roasting, customized soft decoration, nutrition and health, lifestyle, etc., attracting 200,000 professional visitors from hotel management groups, development and investors, real estate developers, design institutions, catering owners, property management companies and other professional visitors. New products from all aspects are emerging like waves in this exhibition, showing a surprising new picture and new atmosphere of the industry!

View the forum and think about changes

This year’s exhibition gathered the most influential commercial space and hotel architects and designers in the industry, as well as representatives of large real estate development groups and hotel management companies, and held a series of forum activities to bring inspiration to the commercial space and hotel industry under the new normal.

2023 Shopping Center Youth Innovation Forum

The “2023 Shopping Center Youth Innovation Forum” focused on the young consumption trend of shopping malls and business positioning strategies, creating scene-based charm, improving consumer experience and digitalization, IP cultural creativity, art toys and other content, and invited senior executives from shopping malls, department stores, outlets and other enterprises to participate.

Commercial Retail Training

How to create a business miracle for a new future in the face of adversity?

The success of Kinas may be due to the solution of the following problems: business difficulties or weak growth, confusion and anxiety, and urgent need to break through the performance bottleneck, the organization’s strategy and measures are difficult to effectively implement, the internal friction is large, the involution is serious, and it is difficult to achieve linkage and cooperation between departments, the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team is poor, the thinking is not unified, the action is inconsistent, and the operational efficiency is low. The training focused on the above problems.

Mountain, Sea and City – Interpretation of Local Culture of Hotel Design

” Mountain · Sea · City – The Interpretation of Local culture of hotel residential design “keynote forum focuses on the development status quo, pain points and trends of hotel design, hoping to take design as a singularity and leverage the healthy development of the hotel industry.

Sharing, symbiosis – in this era

What kind of working and living space do we need?

The 10th China Interior Design Competition is a design competition held for design institutions and designers in China, the Asia-Pacific region and around the world with the theme of “Symbiosis”. Here, “symbiosis” is no longer just a concept, but will become a new way of life aesthetics and design.

2023 Cultural Tourism Investment Summit

The “top leaders” of local cultural and tourism departments, cultural and tourism bureaus, and tourism investment groups, as well as financial institutions, luxury resort hotel brands, health care and health enterprises, research and education enterprises, metaverse new technology enterprises and other tourism-related enterprises gathered at the scene to discuss the high-quality development opportunities of the cultural and tourism industry in the new era economy!

China Hotel Innovation Forum

With the theme of “New Economy, New Value, New Power”, this forum invited industry experts and scholars to explore the development trend of the hotel industry in the future.

SHOP PLUS ,as a professional exhibition of commercial space buyer-oriented engineering procurement channels in China, relies on the industry leadership of China Commerce Association for General Merchandise and China Tourist Hotel Association, and gathers shopping center owners, department store and supermarket operators, commercial space designers, decoration engineering design companies, brand investors of various industries, restaurant management and owners, Hotel management companies and other high-quality resources for end buyers, and the exhibition has become a platform for shopping malls and commercial complexes to provide operational solutions in the development of the digital wave.

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